Resurrecting Fortran

Resurrecting Fortran

by Ondřej Čertík
March 12, 2021
discussed at Hacker News

We have finished the first chapter on a long journey of resurrecting Fortran: forming an initial core community of developers and users with enough momentum around the new Fortran website and projects at There is still have a long way to go to, but this was a necessary (although not sufficient) achievement and I feel this was a once in a life time event. The timing was right, we were ready, and we also got lucky. In this blog post I have tried to write up the details about the pivotal moments from my perspective. I have asked Milan Curcic who has been a co-founder of this effort to do the same (please see his blog post), more on that below. Brad Richardson has also written about his perspective.

This has been the most unusual experience for me, nothing like what I anticipated, but two years ago things seemed to fall into place and set up just right. I had to give it everything I had in order to give it a proper chance. I took the bull by the horns.

This blog post is long, but you might find it useful to get ideas how to form other such communities.