FortranCon2020 abstract for the Fortran community project (fortran-lang)

I plan to submit an abstract to FortranCon 2020 for a talk about the fortran-lang community project as a whole. See this pull request:

I invite anybody to join as co-author if you’d like to provide ideas, content, or any other feedback on the presentation. Otherwise, I will explicitly acknowledge all contributors to the community projects in the talk.

The deadline for submission is Monday, June 1. I plan to merge the PR and submit the abstract on Friday, May 29. So if you’d like to participate or suggest any changes to the abstract, please do so in the PR.

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Thank you everybody for the help. The author list so far is Curcic, Certik, Magnin, Richardson, Vandenplas.

Others, please let me know if you’d like to be a co-author and help in any way. I’ll be submitting tomorrow afternoon.


Hi Milan,
Thank you for adding me as a co-author.
I will also submit an abstract about gtk-fortran.


This is now submitted, thank you everybody. Here’s the final abstract:


Thanks Milan!

@vmagnin yes, please submit about gtk-fortran.

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@certik, I will probably do on sunday. I am waiting some comments from my coauthors before submitting.

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