Fortran-lang is now first in Google

I just noticed that if you search “fortran” in google (in private browser window, not logged in), comes first for me:

Also the section “People also ask” has greatly improved. (I also quickly checked Bing and DuckDuckGo, both give Wikipedia first, fortran-lang second for me.)

This is a big milestone for us. Thank you everybody for getting this done! This was a truly team effort that none of us individually could have pulled off. I am personally very happy we managed to achieve it, as it is a necessary (although not sufficient) step for rejuvenating Fortran.

With this success comes great responsibility. It is our job to collectively maintain this resource as good stewards of the wide Fortran community at large, providing a place where we can all meet, discuss, learn, connect, etc. and providing a central place and home for Fortran on the internet.


In the French Google, if we except the upward banner with a Fortran news, (the English homepage) is third, after the French and English Wikipedia pages. :champagne: :baguette_bread:

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