Recommended Fortran tutorials?

Participants in the GSoC and others new to Fortran would like a good tutorial to get started. There are many listed at the Fortran Wiki. Skimming the first few listed there, I think

is good but short. Longer and also good is

What other tutorials would experienced Fortranners recommend?


Thanks for recommending our introduction to Fortran, I’m happy you found it useful.

I’m going to teach a six week Fortran course starting next month based on this material. Until then some updates to the material can be expected, especially with regard to using fpm. Also, feedback is always very welcome.

There is a online book (401 pages) by Victor Eijkhout, Introduction to Scientific Programming in C++/Fortran 2003 which discusses Fortran after C++, pointing out differences. The author also makes available a book Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing.

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Another good introductory online book is Ed Jorgenson’s
Introduction to Programming using Fortran 95/2003/2008

The NASA SIVO Seminar Series on the Fortran 2003 Standard by
Tom Clune and associates also has some useful info about Fortran 2003
features circa 2008

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