Fortran Tutorials on

Hello, is there a group actively working on the tutorials on the fortran-lang .org learn page? I posted on the github issue here but don’t know how active this side of the development is.

I have just had to learn Fortran for work and as a former teacher I’d like to see some more learning focused materials. I wrote up some notes likes this: with exercises etc. Was wondering if it would be useful to itegrate what I was planning with fortran-lang instead of me making yet another Fortran training resource.


Welcome @dimitriost to the Fortran Discourse!

Fortran has suffered to be a dispersed galaxy. Sure, it’s better for everyone to add your efforts here!

There is no official group working on tutorials, all good wills are welcomed, it is rather self-organized but with some leaders. By opening this discussion, people that can help you to contribute will soon come here, welcome you and discuss about what can be done.

In the meanwhile, you can start reading: