Hello Everyone,

My name is Saksham Agarwal, I am a 2nd-year B.Tech. student at DYPIU, Pune, India. I am fluent in Python and very much comfortable with C++, I am also familiar with Fortran a bit, that’s one of the reasons why this organization attracted me for GSoC 2021. Another reason was that I found Fortran - stdlib projects very eye-catching and interesting. Also, I think that I would be able to contribute well and will get familiar with the team pretty soon.

I have already cloned the stlib repository, can someone please explain to me the further processes for getting started. Thanks :smile:


Hi Saksham, welcome to the Discourse!

Great to hear you’re interested in Fortran for GSoC 2021.

Regarding next steps, you should start thinking about putting together a small pull request for the patch requirement. This can be a pull request to any of the main Fortran-Lang repositories. To give you some ideas, take a look at the open issues and those marked ‘easy’ in particular.

Feel free to ask questions on the Discourse here or in the relevant issues.

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