GSoc 2021: Introduction

Hello Everyone,
Myself Ketan Patil. Currently third year information technology engineering student at Vidyalankar Institute of technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. you can know more about me here.
I am really very excited and interested to contribute in Fortran Standard Library (stdlib) project through Google summer of code 2021, under guidance of Brad Richardson , Milan Curcic.
Through this project, I hope that I will help to solve listed issues and implement out of box ideas which will be present in my coming proposal.

Thanks and warm regards,
Ketan Patil

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Hi @Ketan and welcome. While you prepare your proposal, would you mind explain in a few words why are you interested in Fortran and stdlib in particular? I checked your website (nice work btw) and is apparent that your skillset lies in web-development. I was wondering if you would be a better fit for the project, or maybe to start a new project regarding a dedicated website for the fpm.
Of course, this is just my personal view, please feel free to contribute to whatever you prefer.


Hello, @stavros
Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. I will surely look into it.

Hi @Ketan ,

Welcome. I had a brief look at your website and would second what @stavros said. We do have as one of our goals, standing up an official fpm registry and website, with the project idea for GSoC being having an example of what that would like one that could be run locally (see here). If you’re interested your skills would be applicable there. But don’t let that stop you if you’re interested in learning something new.