GSoC 22: fpm-ize the Fortran Ecosystem || Blog Post by Arteev Raina || #16

Good Day Everyone,

Last week after the GSoC meeting with the help of mentors @awvwgk and @jeremie.vandenplas, I have fixed all of the issues that we were facing in compiling the stdlib using the compiler script. The Pull Request for this can be checked here.

This week I am aiming to finish any remaining changes that are requested in my open PRs #729 and #675. I have also completed my Final Work Product Sample for GSoC final evaluation.

This would be my last GSoC Blog for the year 2022. I would like to thank the Fortran Discourse Community and my mentors @awvwgk @milancurcic @jeremie.vandenplas @lkedward @zoziha for helping me in progressing with the project and help in solving my doubts and issues whenever I felt stuck in code.

In the coming future, I will keep contributing to the projects with my Pull Requests as I have found this organization so welcoming from Day 1 I joined the Discourse channel.

Thanks & Regards
Arteev Raina