GSoC 2021: Self Introduction

Hello Everyone,
My name is Thirumalai Shaktivel. I’m currently a junior (third year) Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate from Bangalore, India. An Open Source and problem-solving enthusiast spent hours in competitive programming and some for Open Source Contributions.
I always follow pi-shaped learning (“Know Something about Everything and Everything about Something”), so a few months back I started to learn Fortran, now I have a good familiarity i.e., something about Fortran. Along with Fortran, I know python, C/C++, Shell scripting, computer networks, HTML, CSS… I’ve recently gotten interested in Open Source, so I started to contribute to LFortran under the guidance of Ondřej Čertíko. Recently while browsing the Wiki, I got to know about the Fortran-lang community and [GSoC]. Now, I’m feeling really very excited and would love to join the Fortran-lang community and contribute the same.
Have a wonderful day.
Thank you.


Hi @ThirumalaiShaktivel thanks for your contributions to LFortran and welcome to the Forum!

If you have any questions, please ask, we’ll be happy to help.

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