GSoC Optimizers: Poll for weekly call day and time

@Saurabh25 @rouson @FedericoPerini @henilp105 @jeremie.vandenplas @hkvzjal @usivakum and anybody else that would like to participate: Please indicate your availability for a weekly call:

I’ll only be unavailable Mon-Wed for the next 3 weeks, but after that those days will be good for me as well.


Thank you @milancurcic, The time zone is automatically adjusted I guess?

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@milancurcic Thank you for selecting my application, I have marked my availability as 5pm - 6pm, but I am not entirely sure about the time zone. Can you please confirm?

I’m not sure how time zones work here exactly. I switched to When2meet from Doodle when Doodle ruined their UI (for me personally). They handled the timezones well, let’s see how this works out.

I have everybody available on Thursdays at 17:30 ET / 21:30 UTC. Is this time consistent with others’ timezone assumptions?

It won’t be doable for me because it will be 3AM(:sleeping:) in India. Could we do 13:30 ET / 17:30 UTC?

OK, so it looks like When2meet doesn’t auto-adjust the timezone. 13:30 ET / 17:30 UTC on Thursdays works for me.


That seems better! Otherwise it would have been very late around here

17:30UTC on Thursday is fine for me. Thank you for the organization.

Hi @Saurabh25 at others, I apologize for something has come up at home and I need to pick up my kid from school at 1:30 ET. Can we move it to 12:30 ET / 16:30 UTC for this week only? Thanks!


Okay sure works for me👍

16:30 UTC works for me too :+1:

Okay works for me :+1:

I posted the link here: Kick off meetings for HTTP client and ML optimizers today