GSoC 22: fpm-ize the Fortran Ecosystem || Blog Post by Arteev Raina || #14

Good Day Everyone,

Last week, We were able to identify the changes that are required in fpm to compile the tests in the stdlib repository (though we were able to compile the example packages and files in the source directory with minimal changes in the stdlib).

The things that I accomplished were :

  • Come up with the fix for macros not being available while compiling tests as stdlib used version macros in tests and without it we were not able to compile the tests.

  • Implemented the support in fpm for compiling C++ files and adding the respective linker flags. Pull Request is here. With this feature in FPM I should be able to compile test_hash_functions since it uses functions in the test that are defined in C++ files.

  • After the Pull Request was reviewed by @lkedward , I pushed the changes that were requested as well.

My plan for this week is get some insights of the other test file that is failing compilation and fix it. More details here. I may also require some help here from the community members and mentors as well.

After resolving the issue with the above mentioned tests, I will be successfully able to compile the stdlib project using the script that is implemented here.

And then my main task will be to inject this script inside fpm , in order to establish a full fledged fypp support.

Thanks & Regards
Arteev Raina