GSoC 22: fpm-ize the Fortran Ecosystem || Blog Post by Arteev Raina || #11

Good Day Everyone,

Last week my Pull Request got merged for parsing macros from the manifest and adding those macros as flags to the build targets. I solved this problem in a number of iterations after identifying potential issues that could have arrived due to earlier implementations that I have discussed in my Blog #10.

Other than this, Last week I spent my time understanding the bash scripts that we already have for creating and for the deployment of stdlib as fpm build here. I faced few difficulties in understanding the code and logic as I was unfamiliar with the syntax of .sh files. But, after reading the documentation I got an understanding of the code.

This week, I will write a script as a compiler wrapper for running fypp preprocessing and then running the compiler. This will help us to build the stdlib package using fpm and then we can implement these commands inside fpm to get an fpm build with full functional fypp support.

Thanks & Regards
Arteev Raina