GSoC 22: fpm-ize the Fortran Ecosystem || Blog Post by Arteev Raina || #13

Good Day Everyone,

Last week I made progress with the Pull Request that I created to add the compiler wrapper script required to run fypp preprocessing on demand. Initially, the script was a shell script, but then I, along with my Mentor Sebastian (@awvwgk), decided to write this in python because syntax will be intuitive and easier to write. Moreover, this will be a temporary solution after all for fypp preprocessing.

Using this script, we were able to generate fpm build of Fortran Standard Library (stdlib) .We are successfully able to compile the files in source directory, and examples directory.

But, while compiling the tests, we found one issue related to macro parsing from manifest and it is that macros defined in the manifest were not available while compiling the tests. So, my main focus and priority this week is to fix this issue in fpm so that we can at least compile the stdlib using the script and generate the build using fpm.

Since, this compiler wrapper script is our temporary solution, our next steps will be to implement the logic inside fpm itself for fypp preprocessing and this way we will be able to build a complete fypp support in fpm.

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Thanks & Regards.
Arteev Raina


Hey eveyone,

Posting the update regarding the macros flags set in manifest not being available while running tests.
Check here

Thanks & Regards,
Arteev Raina

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