GSoC 22: fpm-ize the Fortran Ecosystem || Blog Post by Arteev Raina || #9

Good Day Everyone,

Last week I addressed the changes in my Pull Request related to parsing macros from the manifest file and adding them as flags.

The changes were related to :

  • Writing test case for the function that parses the macros.
  • Had to refactor the function get_macros_from_manifest in order to come up with the test case successfully.
  • Minor changes were related to showing error messages where ever necessary and optimization based on reading and opening of toml files in the code.

After the last GSoC meeting, We decided to come up with a test case to compare the macros of the package and its dependency. I came up with the basic implementation of that test case and pushed the commit in my Pull Request. Reviews are welcome.

This week, My main focus will be to address any new changes that will be requested in this Pull Request and also start with the implementation to add fypp preprocessor support in the fpm.

For this feature, I will start with adding the useful instructions for the user to install the fypp preprocessor if it has not already been installed while using fpm. The instructions to install the fypp preprocessor will be based on the Operation System the user is running the fpm on.

Thanks & Regards
Arteev Raina