GSoC’22: Community Poll for Community Page of

Greetings of the Day Everyone,

This week I have Implemented packages and community sections with all the functionalities using Sphinx with jinja templating. So, I thought it would be interesting to get some opinion/review regarding the Community page of the fortran website.

  1. Should we keep the GitHub Activity Stream on the Community page ?
  • Yes, we should keep the GitHub Activity Stream on community page
  • No, we should not keep the GitHub Activity Stream on community page
  • We should add some thing New / Innovative on community page, (please comment below what would you like to have on community page)

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I will be maintaining my fork’s github pages here : Fortran website — Fortran Programming Language .

Also, if you have any other suggestions for the Website’s Implementation please feel free to drop them here, I will try my best to incorporate them.

Thank you for participating on this poll!

Thanks and Regards,

Henil Shalin Panchal

CC @awvwgk @rgoswami

I voted to keep it, but don’t have a strong opinion. I never looked at this activity stream, but it’s possible that some people use it. Perhaps it’s useful for a new visitor to the site to see how active or recent the development is.

As an aside to this question, I suggest replacing the GitHub stats graph that ranks people by number of comments with something based on GitHub’s contributors tracker, i.e. from:

And sort them alphabetically rather than ranked by quantity. My rationale for this is that any ranking by quantity may make some people’s contributions appear less important only because they made fewer units of those.

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Surely Sir, We had already discussed to change the current GitHub stats graph with a new Interface. I will surely implement this suggestion. Thanks for the API link ( i was unaware of this api).

Thanks and Regards,

Henil Shalin Panchal