Request For Feedback on GSoC Proposal

Hi Respected Community Members and Mentors,
I would like to contribute to the ‘Port to Sphinx’ under GSoC 22. I have drafted a proposal and I would Like to Request the mentors and Community to Review and give their valuable feed back.
@awvwgk @milancurcic @lkedward

I apologise for the late Request for Feedback, due to which i will be available at anytime for your Feedback, Please Feel free to ping me anytime with your Feedback.

I also have mailed my Proposal to the Mentors for their feedback.

Thanks and Regards,
Henil Panchal


Thanks for sharing and welcome to the discourse.

If you haven’t already, please checkout Fortran Package Manager — Fortran Package Manager (source at GitHub - fortran-lang/fpm-docs: Documentation repository for the Fortran package manager (fpm)), which is the fpm user documentation built with sphinx / MyST markdown and also localized for six languages already. A similar toolchain might be used as starting point for the fortran-lang webpage (check the links in the README).

For the webpage there are several aspects to consider:

  • continue to use markdown (MyST dialect), no reStructuredText
  • the layout of the landing page is unique, it uses a different template than the rest of the pages
    • overwrite HTML template / adjust CSS for a single page in sphinx?
  • the learn category fits best into the concept of sphinx and can easily be ported
  • the package index uses external data which must be loaded and displayed
    • develop sphinx extension to create docutil nodes in Python?
  • JS usage for community page to display activity feed, interactive contributor plots
  • bootstrap CSS usage only indirectly possible (sphinx-design)
  • translation capabilities come “for free” when transitioning to sphinx
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Respected Sir,
Thanks alot Sir for your Valuable feedback and your prompt response.
I have Made all the required Changes and uploaded my proposal for GSoC 2022.
Sir Should I keep this Project in Large Category or Medium category.
I have Currently Kept this Project in The Large Category.

The Updated Proposal Can be Found here : Port to Sphinx.pdf - Google Drive

Thanks and Regards,
Henil Panchal