GSoC’22: Community Feedback for Port to Sphinx

Greetings of the Day Everyone,

I have completed the porting of the custom index page ,learn section page, compilers section and news section to sphinx and I would like to have feedback/suggestions from the community on the Current implementation. You can find my fork’s github pages here.

Also, if you have any other suggestions for the Website’s Implementation please feel free to drop them here, I will try my best to incorporate them.

Thanks and Regards,

Henil Shalin Panchal

CC @awvwgk @rgoswami


Do you want feedback on the github site or here? The index for the Intrinsics table is originally a table format where the procedure-level index is scroll-able on the left side, where it is now linear, and the lower level links do not work yet (not sure if that is expected at this point or not). But thought you might add a link to specifically which format you want used
for feedback (the github wiki or issues, or here, or …?).

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Hi @urbanjost ,

please feel free to leave feedback here or open a GitHub issue on my repo.I have currently not ported the minibooks section due to a bug in linking the various pages. I will be porting minibooks section by the end of this week.

Thanks and Regards,
Henil shalin Panchal