GSoC’22: Port to Sphinx || Blog post by Henil Shalin Panchal || #7

Greetings of the Day Everyone!

This week I have Implemented index page and all other pages with sphinx design. I have also added Dark theme, RSS feeds and various functionalities like:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Internationalization (Currently we have decided to Implement the site in de ,es, fr , ja , nl , zh_CN.

  • Version control for Languages in the navbar.

  • Link localization

  • Dark Theme.

  • Interactive graphs on Community section.

  • Added Fortran Theme colors to the site.

I will be maintaining my fork’s github pages here : .

The link of the Github pages has been changed to help in translations.All the changes can be found at my fork’s github pages.

All the pages of the website are being rendered by Sphinx only.

Please feel free to ping me here or on my mail:

I will be regularly posting the weekly blog links here.

Thanks and Regards,

Henil Shalin Panchal

CC @awvwgk @rgoswami


@gnikit Thanks for the Dark Theme Suggestion, the site site looks Amazing in the Dark theme.


I recall there was already a translation in French by @vmagnin, Spanish by @alozada and a German one by me of the original Jekyll page, which we should try to recover.

I’ll try to port the German version I started a while ago to the new page.


it seems that the style of the headers is not the same as the current page. Maybe, in the bold style.

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Yes sir, Actually I had to remake the entire index page in reStructuredText to provide support for translations. I have made it in Pydata Theme + Fortran Theme colours.

Thanks and Regards,

Henil Shalin Panchal