GSoC’22: Port to Sphinx || Blog post by Henil Shalin Panchal || #3

Greetings of the Day Everyone!

This week I have Implemented the Custom main page with all the functionalities. I have made a custom main page with the theme of Sphinx pydata. so that it remains in accordance with the entire site and rendered using the Sphinx.for the navigation bar and the footer i have implemented a custom navigation bar and footer for the entire site using Sphinx templates.I have also made some Crucial changes to the main stylesheet for various elements in the Website. I had also been working on implementing the custom main learn page.This week I have also completed the learn and the Compilers section. All the changes can be found at my fork’s github pages.

I will be maintaining my fork’s github pages here : Fortran website — Fortran Programming Language .

Some of the pages are currently being rendered by sphinx and all other pages are being rendered by jekyll.

The tasks that I have in my mind for this week are:

  • Explore Ablog’s implementation in Markdown for news Section.
  • Implement the News section.
  • Port All the blogs/news to Sphinx.
  • Implement Custom Learn page in Sphinx.
  • Discuss with my mentors and other org members regarding Further implementation of my project plan.

Please feel free to ping me here or on my mail:

I will be regularly posting the weekly blog links here.

Thanks and Regards,

Henil Shalin Panchal


Would it be possible to move the meeting this Thursday to an earlier slot? I’m teaching at a summer school this week, but I might be able to clear a slot at 13:30 UTC for a brief meeting.

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Yes sir, we can Surely meet on June 9th at 13:30 UTC .

Thanks and Regards,
Henil Shalin Panchal

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Alright, here is the meeting information for today. Everyone is of course welcome to join.

Topic: GSoC meeting
Time: June 9, 2022 01:30 PM Universal Time UTC

Join Zoom Meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 645 5727 0402
Passcode: 566396

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