Which editions of (Modern) Fortran Explained do you own?

Just for fun: Which editions of (Modern) Fortran Explained by Metcalf, Reid, and (later) Cohen do you own?

  • None
  • Fortran 8x Explained
  • Fortran 90 Explained
  • Fortran 90/95 Explained
  • Fortran 95/2003 Explained
  • Modern Fortran Explained
  • Modern Fortran Explained: Incorporating Fortran 2018

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You could add The F Programming Language (1996) by Metcalf and Reid to the poll – I own it. F is a Fortran 90 subset.

Language standards document is written for compiler developers and book authors.


Where is such an assertion stated?

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As a book author, I found the standards document incredibly difficult to parse. MFE was my go to reference.

It was not an assertion but an observation.