Reader feedback on MFE proposal requested

Readers of “Modern Fortran Explained” (MFE) will know that the latest
edition consists of 18 leading chapters that describe the language as
defined by the Fortran 2008 standard, followed by four additional chapters
that describe the additional features contained in Fortran 2018. In
principle, given that Fortran 2018 compilers are gradually appearing on the
market, it would be possible to envisage a Revised Edition in which Fortran
2018 is fully integrated into the rest of the book, giving a uniform
presentation. However, this would represent a non-trivial amount of work for the authors, and entail a significant cost for the publisher.

It’s difficult for us to assess what views existing or potential readers
might have, but if any c.l.f. subscribers have strong opinions, one way or
the other, I’d be happy to pass them on.

Please feel free to reply directly to me by e-mail (michaelmetcalf at compuserve dot com).

Many thanks,

Michael Metcalf


I am pleased to be the first to welcome you on the Fortran-lang Discourse!

I guess the last edition you are talking about is the red one? (Modern Fortran Explained : Incorporating Fortran 2018 Pdf - libribook)
I will be happy to renew my 2004-2008 edition, the blue one. It’s my reference when I need precise information.

And I hope there is still enough colors in the rainbow for the future editions… I guess a revised edition would be interesting for the long term. But yes updating such a book on an ever evolving language is probably a headache…

MFE is a great refence book. Maybe you could consider publishing an addendum in digital only format? That might eliminate much of the publishing cost but still represent a use resource to compliment the existing publication.

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Many thanks for all the replies. These have now been collated and passed on.

This thread is now closed.

Mike Metcalf