GSoC’22: Port to Sphinx || Blog post by Henil Shalin Panchal || #11

Greetings of the Day Everyone!

This week as we have decided to shift the sphinx site to a new repo (GitHub - fortran-lang/webpage: New Fortran webpage), I have ported the sphinx site to my fork of new repo and also added various functionalities like:

  • resolves the setup python bug #4 ( there was a bug in v4 which prevented the detection of python version , setting that version of python manually resolves the bug.)

  • resolves the ablog #36 dependabot pr.

  • github pages url for pr preview.

  • resolves the learn section button translation bug

  • updated the translations for learn section button.

  • shift from custom navbar to original navbar

  • added pr preview banner for preview builds. (independent of the pydata theme version).

  • added documentation for pre-commit hooks.

  • locked the dependency versions of packages.

  • Formated the html templates.

  • resolved the date error in newsletter of june 2022.

  • enabled build of all translations for build preview

  • resolved #29 (for index page)

  • added dependabot for requirements.txt

  • updated translations

I will be maintaining my fortran-lang’s github pages here : The Fortran Programming Language — Fortran Programming Language

All the pages of the website are being rendered by Sphinx only.

Please feel free to ping me here or on my mail:

I will be regularly posting the weekly blog links here.

Thanks and Regards,
Henil Shalin Panchal

CC @awvwgk @rgoswami