Mentor-students call for the week of March 29

A few prospective students were not able to join this weeks call and have expressed interest in having another call.

Please reply to this thread if you’d like to have a call with mentors next week and if there is significant interest we will have another group call. If there is, I will start a Doodle poll.

Otherwise we can do 1-1s with specific mentors and project ideas.

Hello everyone,
I am one of those students who was not able to attend the GSoC meeting so I vote for another group call to know everyone better.

@milancurcic Sir, there are no responses for a group call maybe we can conduct one-one mentor-student call for discussing the project idea. If it’s 1-1s it won’t take more than 20 minutes.

I would say that a call about specific projects or maybe just a specific GitHub project (like fpm) would be more useful than a call with everybody.


@Chetan_Karwa @kubajj Would you still like to talk with one or more mentors about your prospective projects? Tag them here and we can set it up.

If possible, I would like to discuss my project idea with mentors.
I look forward to work on containers (linked list).
A little discussion will lead to a better clarity of project purpose and also help me improve my proposal for GSoC.
For the same I would like a meet with @Arjen or @milancurcic.

This week is rather crowded for me, but next week is fine - perhaps a doodle?

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I would like to discuss my understanding of the project I chose with at least one of the listed mentors. Is anybody from @lkedward, @certik, or @everythingfunctional available?

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Yes, I am available.

Just found an email about templates for the student proposals in the GSoC mailing list, Might be useful for us as well. Here is the text:

Hi Akhil,

For the CHAOSS Project, I created a template after we received a slew of different formats in previous years. Having a template is saving us time when reviewing proposals and helps candidates know what we expect.

Our template: GSoC proposal template for CHAOSS - Google Docs