Mentors for Fortran-lang GSoC

As of now, we have the following mentors:

Marshall, Brad, Milan, Laurence, Sebastian, Arjen, Damian and Ondrej

Anybody else is interested in mentoring? The work involves helping us review proposals, talk to students, etc. Depending on how many slots we get and how many students and what projects get selected, we will then assign mentors to students. I expect we have plenty of mentors for projects, but we could use some help in the review stage. The more mentors we have, the better, as it is easier to ensure the review and selection process was fair and objective, and that it is aligned with what we want to achieve as a community.

I am CCing some of the most active users here who are not mentors yet: @vmagnin, @ivanpribec, @stavros, @jeremie.vandenplas, @FortranFan, @Beliavsky, @pcosta, @gardhor, @Dave, @urbanjost. If anyone of you would be interested, please let us know!

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer.


I am new to this forum and community, however I am a Fortran developer and I would be very happy to contribute to the community.
You can contact me if new mentors are still needed. On my side I would like to have a idea of when the mentor will be needed and how much.
Thanks you very much.

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I will try to reserve some time to help the review process in April if needed.


happy to help around the python project if there are any takers.

Hello , Iā€™m a new to this and a hardworking one .
So, I expect from everyone to guide me and help me.
Thank you