Looking for a Fortran developer

Hi all,

We’re a Luxembourg-based deep tech startup in the fusion industry. Looking for a Fortran developer in EU or around it, same timezone. See https://nextfusion.org/ for a little bit more details.

The project is to continue the development of hardcore plasma physics simulator. Currently known scope:

  • change how it works with input and output params and files; we have idea how but open to discuss;
  • improve error handling, logging, automatic testing, etc.;
  • analyze its performance, suggest improvements;
  • make a few feature to make it better suited for our ML team that uses it as an environment for models training (reinforcement learning);
  • analyze for the possibility to use CUDA;
  • integrate with the 3rd-party software;
  • etc.

The physicists team and the original authors are there but we’d like someone more experienced to join the team to make simulator better as a software product: stable, reliable, easy to use by different teams, easy to integrate with, etc.

I’d appreciate the email to akz@nextfusion.org but you can also reply here.




Hi Alexei,

Just stumbled upon your post and thought, “Hey, that’s my jam!” I’ve got a solid background in Fortran development and I’m all about making complex software more stable, reliable, and easy to use.

I’ve taken a look at the scope and I’m comfortable tackling the tasks you’ve outlined. From input/output params to CUDA integration, I’m ready to dive in.

You can reach out to me on my email here


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