Fortran Twitch stream on June 11, 7pm EST

I’ll be a guest on Manning’s Twitch channel tomorrow (Thursday, 6/11) at 7pm EST. We’ll program a small water-wave physics simulator in Fortran from scratch (the running example from my book).

It will be especially useful for Fortran beginners, but I hope fun for most Fortran developers. I’ll use this opportunity to showcase recent fortran-lang projects–the website, fpm (which I hope to use in the stream), and stdlib.


Will this be recorded? I’d prefer to watch you live, but unfortunately, it will be 2 am in my time zone :sleeping:

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Yes! It will be available for replay on Twitch, and Manning also posts their streams on Youtube.

If I enjoy the experience tomorrow, I think I’ll start doing more of these in my own channel.

The stream just ended, here’s the video.

Thank you all who came, I enjoyed do it. I will do more soon in my own channel.

@milancurcic, it says embed is misconfigured.

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I couldn’t fix it so I removed the embed. Does it work now?

The link works fine. Thanks.

@milancurcic I was commenting in the chat box, I was hoping you would see it and react, but I don’t think you saw it. :slight_smile:

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I saw your comments although possibly much later after you posted. The chat box was on another screen that I only seldom looked at. Technically, it was a somewhat awkward set up for me, something I wasn’t used to (broadcasting software, multiple screens). But now that I did it once, it’s straightforward.

Streaming from a recent computer helps. I was streaming from my 2014 laptop, so between the broadcasting software, VS Code, and the browser, it got quite laggy.

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I see. How did the fpm hold up? Please report all your thoughts for improvement to fpm's issues while you still remember.

fpm was excellent. I had no issues with it at all. I made a point to not look up fpm docs before the stream so that I have to go through the motions of going through the docs in the stream itself. It was a breeze. I also demoed getting remote git dependencies closer to the end of the stream, perhaps around the 2h15m mark. In retrospect, I wish I demoed that at the beginning, but I forgot.

Working with fpm to bootstrap a fresh Fortran project was quite unlike anything I’ve experienced with Fortran before. fpm run + git dependencies is I think the killer app for Fortran development.


We have to implement fpm init to create the initial project structure (


Got a chance to watch the stream. I’m glad fpm worked well. We need a plotting package so next time you don’t have that slow python script in the middle of the process.

Also, I caught your mistake, you missed a divide by 2 in your diff_centered function.

It was a cool demo. Thanks for doing it.

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