Intermediate Fortran Course Published

I finally finished and published my next online course, Intermediate Fortran.


I’m heading towards (part 4 - Patterns and Principles) it seems really interesting!

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@everythingfunctional ,

Kudos, great effort.

Is there a way you think to “Gift this course” and the one marked “Beginner” to GSoC candidates? I had noticed only one person having familiarity with Fortran. It will be valuable, I think, for most of them to take both the courses (possibly even as a requirement to work on GSoC Fortran-related projects!!) Since most of them appear to be students distributed globally, the paywall can be a barrier. Hence anything that can make such learning more readily available to them can be beneficial.

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That’s a good idea. I can create coupon codes, so I could be convinced to provide a discount to any interested GSoC candidates. For any who are interested, just ping me here and I’ll get you a coupon code.

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I’m applying to fortran-lang this year. As you noted, I don’t have experience with Fortran. Although I do have experience with C++ and compilers (Clang/LLVM and GCC) and I took college courses with Yacc/Bison so I hope I’m atleast halfway there.

I think the course would be useful.

My intro thread: GSoC 2021: Introduction - Ashutosh Pandey

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