GSoC 2021: Introduction - Ashutosh Pandey


I am Ashutosh Pandey, a final year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate from India. I’ve done some work related to compilers in the past, and since Fortran-lang has some very interesting compiler based projects (viz AST generation, code generation and LLVM), I think I should try contributing here. This is my main area of interest, so I’m in it for the long haul!

Past work:

1.) Micropy-convert: A rudimentary tool written in C++ using Clang Libtooling to auto convert a subset of C++ boilerplate code (for the Arduino micro-controller) to equivalent Micro-python statements. Currently this can detect instances of certain functions, statements, and parameters (about 40 of them) and auto convert them. This was a part of the work I did for GSoC 2020 under Arduino.

2.) glibc-cov: This is work I did for the Linux Foundation Mentorship Program. There was an error in glibc due to which gcov (GCC) could not perform code coverage for glibc files. I worked on fixing this bug and submitted a patch.

I am currently interning with the FSF and working on the GNUPG Edward bot, which is responsible for email encryption.

I’m currently going over the ideas list, it is a bit hard to decide what to choose because all of the projects seem really interesting. I will decide soon and start making relevant PRs, thank you for your time!


Hi @ashutosh-pandey, welcome to the Fortran community. Since you are interested in the compiler projects from the ideas list:

we have added a full list here:

Sorted roughly by priority as we need them. Go ahead and contribute a patch or two to LFortran and if you still cannot decide which project to apply to, let’s have a chat about it.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Looking forward!

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