GSoD'22: Compiler Developer Documentation

Hi folks, would it be ok to share the planner here, for thoughts, comments, suggestions, or any enhancements.

(from someone[1] who is interested in the project[2] and GSoD work) Statement of interest

[1] at master · tapaswenipathak/ · GitHub

[2] GSoD Proposal 2022 LFortran Compiler Developer Documentation · Wiki · lfortran / lfortran · GitLab


Hi @tapaswenipathak and welcome! Absolutely, please feel free to share ideas or your proposal draft.

CC @certik @rgoswami

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Thanks @tapaswenipathak, thank you for your application. We will get back to you soon (as I replied to you in private email already).

Hi!! Please find the doc on strategizing documentation development :page_facing_up:. The documentation you would want to see, ideas; here[1] are some I see, I would love to have suggestions, enhancements, and comments. I see [1] as an LFortran documentation discussion starter on what everyone sees as a priority.

[1] Dropbox Paper
[2] ref: LFortran