Request for feedback: GSoC 2022 Fortran-lang Org application

Hi Everybody,

We’re preparing to submit the Org application to Google Summer of Code once again. Last year was very successful with 6 (5 via Fortran-lang and 1 via LFortran+NumFOCUS) funded students and projects.

The deadline for this year’s application is today at 1800 UTC, in just under 3 hours. Our application package consists of 3 docs:

The first two are almost done, while the Project Ideas still need some work (thank you to everybody who contributed so far). While the questionnaire is submitted directly to Google, the Contributor Instructions and Project Ideas are hosted in our Wiki and (as I understand it) can be improved past the deadline. So if you get a good idea even past the deadline, please suggest it nevertheless. But we should aim to have these docs as complete as possible by the deadline.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the improvement of any of the docs. If you think of a good project idea that isn’t listed already, please suggest it in this thread.


Thanks a lot for leading our application, Milan.

I’ll second that we are looking for interesting projects and also community members who would like to mentor a new contributor to open source. We already have a few projects and many still need at least two mentors.

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Are there any plans to write an “open-source” Fortran book which teaches the language in a comparable way to the Rust Book? Would be very nice to have such a resource for Fortran in the internet. One book which explains everything, from absolute basics to all important advanced topics like interoperability, oo, parallelisation and legacy code refactoring.
Maybe it would be a good project to build the foundation for such a book (or anything comparable).


Sounds like something for the Google Season of Docs. The application is opening in two days and we are planning to participate with the Fortran-lang minibooks as well as the fpm and stdlib docs.