Fortran-lang accepted to Google Summer of Code 2024

We have been accepted to participate in this year’s Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2024).

It is now time to start discussing in more detail application ideas, iterate on the list of ideas we currently have, and finalise the assignment of mentors to project ideas. The deadline for this is March 18. This is also the time for contributors to start familiarising themselves with Fortran-lang and start reaching out to listed mentors to discuss potential projects.

On March 18 - 18:00 UTC and until April 2 - 18:00 UTC, we will start accepting applications from contributors. We are looking forward to meeting this year’s contributors!

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The search fortran in Google yields four organizations: Fortran-lang, R, LLVM and stdlib. But the later is “the fundamental numerical library for JavaScript”:

stdlib is a standard library for JavaScript and Node.js with an emphasis on numerical and scientific computing applications. The project aims to provide functionality similar to NumPy and SciPy for use in JavaScript environments with special consideration for the unique constraints and opportunities afforded by the Web. stdlib is primarily written in JavaScript, C, and Fortran.

In fact there are more than four, with for example GCC in which the word Fortran appears in the abstract. On the other side, if you search Fortran using the search field of GSoC, you find 62 answers although in many of them you won’t find the word “Fortran” anywhere in their GSoC page…

Excellent news! I think there are some ideas on the older thread which didn’t make it over to the Github ideas list yet :slight_smile:

Is that the PRIMA bindings project? It sounds good we can include it under Other, but before doing so could you add some more details about the project, currently the description is a bit sparse. Another question is, are the bindings going to be under the libprima org and if so should @zaikunzhang be also one of the mentors? (Also AdvancedHard; GSoC difficulty rating changed).
Does that sound good?

As for the fpm & fypp project, we would have to do the same (description, outcomes, difficulty, mentors) in order to list it. @jeremie.vandenplas any thoughts?

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Thank you very much for mentioning PRIMA. I am not sure how GSoC works, although I will be very happy to provide the assistance I can if needed.


GSoC is essentially an entry-level for young people (undergrads and less often postgrads) into Open Source software. Students receive a stipend from Google for the project and so are the Orgs, albeit substantially smaller (fixed $500 per project).

Fortran-lang has registered in GSoC and we advertise a host of projects, most for repos in Fortran-lang (fpm, stdlib, fortls, etc.), but we also act as an umbrella organisation for anyone that wants to mentor a Fortran-related project, see the Other section in here.

The role of the mentor is to meet with the student(s) on a regular basis and ensure that they meet the success criteria for the project. (Very similar to supervising students at a university level, but with substantially lower stakes). Mentors also have to do some minor paperwork.

I’d be really happy to have @zaikunzhang as a co-mentor. I believe the bindings would eventually be under libprima but it isn’t necessarily part of GSoC (upstreaming is separate). I will try to flesh it out later this week (or if @zaikunzhang wants to that’d be great too).

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Thank you. I will have a look. Should I add it directly to the “project ideas” page?

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That sounds good, feel free to add directly to the wiki (just remember to update the TOC). And you can always ping me if you want something .

Yes, that would be great. Let me know if you need any help.

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@gnikit I just added an item in the GSoC 2024 page.

@FedericoPerini , @milancurcic , @lkedward I added you as possible mentors (based on the previous proposition). Feel free to remove your name if inappropriate.


@gnikit: sorry for being late, I had end of March in mind for the deadline for mentor applications.
Can I still add a project proposal? My idea is to improve the Fortran interfaces for PETSc.

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No worries, we still have time. The project sounds good @MarDie, feel free to add it directly on the Wiki.

@gnikit: I fear that I cannot edit the wiki despite being member of the GitHub organization. Could you give me access rights or let me know how I should contribute?

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