Fortran Monthly Call: January 2022

Dear all,

Happy New Year!

It’s again time to organise our next monthly call which will be in the week of January 17-21; please see the following doodle poll to mark your availability:

Doodle: Fortran Monthly Call: January 2022

The final time slot will be selected and announced on the evening (European time) of Monday January 10, please complete the poll before then .

If there are specific topics or issues you would like to raise, even if you are unable to attend the call, please post them in the thread here.

As usual, we will record this call and make it available online.

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A topic for our agenda would be our 2022 roadmap, this could be a lot, therefore I would focus on the documentation aspect

  • fpm tutorials / recipes
  • plans for stdlib documentation
  • web-page learn category
  • other resources / channels (Software carpenteries, video tutorials, …)
  • improve participation (better infrastructure, localized docs, …)

Another point going forward is planning for student internships

  1. second Google summer of code (
    • organization application opens in February
  2. apply for Google seasons of docs? (Season of Docs  |  Google Developers)
    • organization application opens in February til March 26, 2021 at 18:00 UTC
  3. inquire about Outreachy internships? (

Our next monthly call will be on Tuesday, January 18 at 20:00 UTC .

12:00 - 13:00 PDT (California)
20:00 - 21:00 GMT (London)
21:00 - 22:00 CET (Central Europe)

As previously, the meeting will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Please continue to use this thread for topics you would like discussed at the meeting.

A Zoom invitation will follow soon.

Note: Anyone who is interested is welcome to join!

Never stumbled on Season of Docs before. stdlib documenation is obvious as a proposal, but how about a vote from the community on what fpm packages to add professional documentation to? That might encourage developers to add fpm packaging and to , get it registered, and let the community weigh in on the value of a package and how valuable it would be to have it well documented?

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Here’s the Zoom info for the call:

Topic: Fortran Monthly Call
Time: Jan 18, 2022 08:00 PM Universal Time UTC

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I agree @awvwgk. Some additional efforts should be done on the documentation. So here is a proposition for the agenda. Feel free all to comment it/propose changes

1) Documentation: 2022 roadmap
* fpm
* stdlib
* Fortran-lang (mainly learning web-page)
* Others

2) Student internships
* Google summer of code
* Google season of docs
* Outreachy interships

For stdlib docs, please see also this discussion led by @milancurcic.

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I created wiki pages for GSoC-2022 and GSoD-2022 to start collecting ideas. We should announce it in the discourse separately as well and create new categories for like we did for #gsoc-2021.

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As promised, I created a basic structure for the stdlib docs:

Now we need content. I’ll try to write a couple of things up, but help is more than welcome.


Great, Thank you @awvwk.
Where should we focus first?

A few ideas:

  • installation instructions for the how-to (getting fypp, setting up CMake, …)
  • tutorials on some of the major modules (statistics, distributions, sorting, string processing, …)
  • common problems which are solved by stdlib as recipes
  • describe the development workflow for adding features in the design section
  • creating a news post for the v0.1.0 release