Fortran Monthly call: January 2023

Dear all,

It’s again time to organise our next monthly call which will be in the week of January December 23-27; please see the following doodle poll to mark your availability:

Doodle: Fortran Monthly Call: January 2023

The final time slot will be selected and announced on the evening (European time) of Monday January 16, please complete the poll before then .

If there are specific topics or issues you would like to raise, even if you are unable to attend the call, please post them in the thread here.

As usual, we will record this call and make it available online.

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Our next monthly call will be on thursday, January 26 at 18 UTC .

10:00 - 11:00 PST (California)
18:00 - 19:00 GMT (London)
19:00 - 20:00 CET (Amsterdam)

As previously, the meeting will be recorded for those who cannot attend.
Don’t hesitate to propose your items below.

Don’t hesitate to propose your items for the next Fortran Monthly call.

Would be nice to have a chat on:

  • unique/consistent names for modules in fpm packages
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I second that. It would be nice to have it clarified as to what the naming convention requirement plans are for fpm packages to be considered for the registry, where the registry and profiles stand, and any formal plans for the future of fpm

  • a documentation convention for packages?
  • what new search tools are planned
  • further plans for preprocessing, including whether conditional processing will be made available for the TOML manifest and/or any more make/Cmake-like features
  • further subsidized development of fpm or support for managing and moderating the pull requests, …)

or whether the main plan it to continue to grow organically. It appears a little nebulous lately. A clarification of the plan legitimately including the lack of a formal one would be useful.

My impression is the original strict naming rules will have to be followed for packages to be registered. Clarifying where that stands and if so what the exact rules will be and getting an option working that enforces them so people can begin planning for it (if so) should be forthcoming if that is the direction.

I think there is some hesitancy to approach some of those issues as they are being worked on(?). A formal description of what is planned or not (and therefore is freely available to be worked on) would be nice as well, but clarifying the naming convention plans in particular and making it clear they will be optional does seem to be the most pressing.

If it is not possible to discus at this point, surveying the community for what questions and concerns they might have might help direct things; especially information from anyone that would like to adopt it but struck a roadblock preventing adaptation.

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@FedericoPerini @urbanjost It is possible to discuss on names for modules in fpm packages.

@awvwgk @milancurcic @lkedward Will you join the call? Could you setup a Zoom session?

I wasn’t originally planning to as I’ve been at sea, but I’m back home early and will be able to join and host. Will send a Zoom link tomorrow morning.

Yes, let’s discuss fpm naming conventions and other recent developments.


Here’s the Zoom link. See you all then.

Topic: Fortran-lang monthly call
Time: Jan 26, 2023 06:00 PM Universal Time UTC

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Hello everyone,

we’d like to provide an update on the backend registry project we are currently working on both the Backend (python Flask) and Frontend (React). We have already completed the initial implementation. We expect to finish the implementation phase in the next 1-2 weeks. (T1 and T3) , We would like to have a review of the current implementation at repo : GitHub - henilp105/registry: Registry for Fortran package manager

Thanks and Regards,

CC @arteevraina @awvwgk @everythingfunctional @FedericoPerini @milancurcic @minhdao


The recording is now up: