Fortran-lang Roadmap Ideas

I am making a Roadmap for the Fortran-Lang Organization and it’s various projects for the NumFOCUS Application. The roadmap will mostly include projects from GSoC for repos under Fortran-Lang (so no LFortran, fortls, etc.) that have not been completed and some additional major milestones that need to be achieved on the VS Code extension.

Here are the GSoC projects

If people here have suggestions for tasks to be included in the Roadmap for one of the Fortran-Lang projects, please feel free to share a couple of paragraphs for the task, why is it important, ideas on how to achieve it, etc.

The deadline for the NumFOCUS application is 15th October 2022 (1.5 days) so we need to have a short document by then. However, the roadmap is useful to the Organization as whole regardless of the NumFOCUS application since it portrays were Fortran-lang is headed. I will soon post a link to PR for people to comment if they so please.

Link to PR for roadmap

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I tried to read that roadmap (whatever a roadmap might be in Fortran) and got 404 File not found

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It got merged into the main webpage Roadmap — Fortran Programming Language and we will improve it as we go.

Thanks for writing the roadmap. It’s a good start. It’s missing compilers. :wink: Perhaps the most important part. So I added it: Add compilers to roadmap by certik · Pull Request #191 · fortran-lang/webpage · GitHub