February 2021 Fortran Standard Committee Meeting

@zjibben is keeping track of the progress at an issue here: February/March 2021 J3 meeting · Issue #199 · j3-fortran/fortran_proposals · GitHub

I also announced on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OndrejCertik/status/1364014062032412673

I am posting here in case anyone in the community would like to discuss or propose anything, and also so that you know about it and can keep an eye on what the committee is working on.

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Thanks @certik ! Is there a way to listen in on the standards committee meeting as a member of the community ?

Is there any chance that the problems with DO CONCURRENT might get discussed?

@fluidnumerics_joe unfortunately the committee meetings are not public. The best way to participate is to be active at GitHub - j3-fortran/fortran_proposals: Proposals for the Fortran Standard Committee and to watch the issue that I linked above that @zjibben and I will update with a summary of what the committee discussed and did.

@pmk, unfortunately there are no papers submitted for this, and as such I do not expect this to be discussed.

Do papers have to be re-submitted to each meeting if they are not discussed at earlier ones?

Yes, that is my understanding.

But you are soliciting proposals from the community here, yes?

I am. I personally have little power to change how the committee operates, but what I have been doing is to open up the communication channels to be able to discuss with the wider community.

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