Design patterns and modern fortran (>=2018)

would be nice to have a section on OOP and various design patterns.

I know three sources of good OOP advice but somehow dated or unmaintained:

so my idea will be nice to have a high level entry on with up to date from the standard point of view implementations of patterns relevant to scientific computation…


Hi Alin, great idea and I encourage you to start it. We can help along the way. I think this would be a good self-contained mini-book, as it’s about a programming technique rather than a description of the language. @lkedward do you agree?

My suggestions for style:

  • Teach by example instead of listing rules and syntax
  • Use practical, concrete examples rather than abstract
  • Start from simplest, build toward more complex
  • Prefer common programming terms over Fortran “standardese” terminology

I agree, this would definitely be a useful mini-book in the learn section. (This is something that Fortran programmers aren’t always taught or exposed to.)


ok so i did something as a template like here… of course more words are needed

this is mainly the answer to a question i asked at fortcon2020

here is more stuff from a mini md app that we can use as source of patterns…

criticism welcomed (of the code)


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