Fortran OOP Seminar Series

A while ago I gave a presentation in the course of the Fortran OOP Seminar Series organized by the electronic structure library (ESL) initiative. There is interest to have a speaker from the Fortran-lang community to present our effort on building a modern Fortran ecosystem.

Let me know whether any of you is interested in taking this opportunity to join the seminar for a presentation on our community, projects and of course modern Fortran. Also, if you have ideas for interesting topics regarding OOP usage feel free to share them here.

The presentation I gave a while ago is described at Using objects across language boundaries.


I am not sure if that fits the definition of a modern Fortran ecosystem but I could give a presentation on developing cross-code editor tools with the Language Server Protocol in Fortran and the Fortran-lang community some of its main projects? Would that be something appropriate for this seminar?

A couple of questions:
when is the presentation for?
And how long should it be? (The location I assume is online).

PS Regardless if I end up doing this I think it would be a good idea other Fortran-lang repo maintainers to have a look at the presentation slides beforehand to make sure their project is correctly presented (features, problem it solves, roadmap, etc.)

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The larger focus of the seminar so far were usage patterns for object oriented programming (OOP) in scientific Fortran, you can find previous presentations uploaded here to get an idea. So far we were looking into abstraction patterns, virtual machines and interoperability to name a few topics, it is a rather broad scope.

The format is ~1h of an open discussion / seminar with maybe 10 to 20 participants from the electronic structure and computational chemistry / physics community, which are all active developer and maintainers of large Fortran HPC program packages. Presentations are given via zoom.

The seminar is once a month, the next open slot is currently in July, with the exact date yet to be determined, usually a Thursday 10:00 CEST as most participants are currently in Europe, but it should be flexible to shift the seminar to the afternoon if needed.

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I see so discussing about Fortran tooling for software development might not be a good fit for the meeting (correct me if I am wrong).

Summoning @rouson to this thread, since he co-authored a book exactly about this:

As well as @fluidnumerics_joe since he has practical experience with Fortran OOP as seen in the “F” word stream series.

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Thanks @wyphan for tagging. Depending on the timing and level of interest, I can provide a talk on OO Fortran for conservation law solvers using spectral element methods (GitHub - FluidNumerics/SELF: Spectral Element Library in Fortran) .

SELF is designed to run on multiple platforms, provides canned solvers, as well as lower level tools for users to construct their own solvers. We have experience with generating container and VM image artifacts as part of our CI process and I have a broad range of topics that may be relevant around this code. Some direction on specific topics that are currently missing from this seminar series that you would like to see would be helpful.


Hi, as one of the organizers of this seminar series, let me clarify what we were looking for. Basically we would like someone to give a short talk about this community and it’s different projects. I think you have been doing some really great work, so the more Fortran programmers are aware of what you guys are doing the better :wink:

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