Compaq Array Visualizer

Can someone please direct me to the descendent or replacement of the Compaq Array Visualizer? Are the routines that comprised the Compaq Array Visualizer available somewhere? Thank you.

I wish I could, but there is none. It was part of the Intel Visual Fortran product for a while, but the lead developer of Array Visualizer left Intel and was not replaced. I argued that it was important to many users but was not successful in getting it resurrected. I even tried to get Intel to open-source it, to no avail.

There are some expensive commercial products that have some of the same capabilities, but Array Visualizer was unique in all it could do.

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No experience with “Array Visualizer” myself, but searching the internet gives this site, so possibly of some use…? (if it’s really free)

Though not a direct counterpart, I guess another approach may be to use forpy and matplotlib to visualize the contents of N-dim arrays as we want:

Darius Markauskas has made a pretty awesome plugin for Codeblocks that might have what you need. Also it’s free.

take a look: