Won the second prize in an NEC supercomputer programming contest

Hi all,

I won the second prize in an NEC supercomputer programming contest. I would like to express my gratitude to the community for their contribution.

This contest is more like a business contest that evaluates not only the speedup of a program using an SX-Aurora TSUBASA, the PCI-Express card-type supercomputer, and the social contribution and market potential.

The program submitted to the contest is a library consisting of user-defined types and operators to improve expressiveness, defined here as the ability to express like mathematical formulas or natural language when writing fluid simulation programs. I used community-made modern tools for Fortran, including fpm, stdlib, VTKFortran, and FORD. I showed that using community-made modern tools would ease the packaging and collaboration with existing libraries, making development more efficient. I promoted that this affinity is especially advantageous for the SX-Aurora TSUBASA.

The final examination is reported on this article (written in Japanese only).

Thanks again to the community for developing useful tools.

fpm could be successfully worked with the NEC Fortran.


Congratulations on your achievement @tomohirodegawa!

Your post made me look into NEC Fortran information, which I was not aware of, and it seems like it leverages MPI for high-level parallelism on the SX-Aurora TSUBASA. Looks like a great parallel computing platform!

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Congratulations, brilliant effort.

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Thanks. Several of your projects are in my list:

Himeno Benchmark in Modern Fortran: Himeno benchmark to evaluate performance of incompressible fluid analysis code, written in Modern Fortran style, achieving almost the same execution performance as the original version, by Tomohiro Degawa. In this program, global variables are eliminated, and some variable names and subroutine names are refactored.

LinkedList: doubly linked list for Fortran 2003, by Tomohiro Degawa. The list is based on object-oriented programming, so the list can treat all types Fortran supports, including integer, real, character and derived types by using the unlimited polymorphism feature.

errstat: error status and message handling library for Modern Fortran, by Tomohiro Degawa. Also fassert, a simple assertion library

Numeric Library for Modern Fortran: scope: Integer (handling integer constants, digits, convert to string with format); Real (handling real constants, convert to string with format); Non-number (handling quiet nan and positive/negative inf as constants, check whether an array of floating-point numbers has at least one quiet nan, positive/negative inf value), by Tomohiro Degawa

par-funnel: unit test parameterizer using namelist, by Tomohiro Degawa. Par-funnel is not a unit test framework but is intended to be used with other unit test frameworks.

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