Update for Fortran-lang for J3 Fortran Committee Meeting

I need (and want to) to submit an update for fortran-lang for J3, see the item 1.2.7 in https://j3-fortran.org/doc/year/22/agenda226.txt. It’s for the time frame October 27, 2021 (last J3 meeting) till February 28, 2022 (today).

Can you please post here updates that we should mention? Everything that relates to Fortran-lang, its projects, LFortran and I think we can also include other related Fortran efforts that are not represented at the J3 committee, such as GFortran.

Some things to mention:

  • fpm updates (@awvwgk ?)
  • stdlib updates (@milancurcic ?)
  • LFortran updates (@czgdp1807 ?)
  • GFortran updates (@kargl; do we have some other current or former GFortran developers on this forum?)
  • fortran-lang updates (@lkedward ?); some things I am aware of:
    • we applied for GSoC
    • web page translations
    • fftpack, minpack under fortran-lang now
  • anything else?

I plan to submit the document in about 6h from now.


Tight schedule. Let’s see what we can collect.


I haven’t search for external projects relying on fpm for while. Especially interesting would be Fortran courses adopting fpm in their teaching material. Maybe somebody here has created or ported a lecture recently to use fpm?


  • all changes since 0.1.0 are collected in the changelog
    • 34 patches by 16 contributors have been merged since version 0.1.0
  • new documentation is work-in-progress: awvwgk.github.io/stdlib-docs
    • 2 contributors so far

I don’t know of any larger project using stdlib, unfortunately.


Thanks @awvwgk! I can postpone uploading the document if needed, but I will give my update to the J3 committee later today. So given that, I figured I might as well submit what we can collect until then. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s just a nice opportunity for outreach to keep people updated who read the minutes.

Under Fortran-lang, I suggest mentioning the CiSE article that has been revised and submitted.

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LFortran updates:

  • Many improvements in the runtime library, semantic analysis, LLVM and C++ backends, error messages
  • Semantics works for many projects in the --symtab-only mode (that skips bodies of functions)
  • Work continues on bringing the compiler from alpha to beta.
  • We started adding optimizations at the ASR to ASR level, before lowering to LLVM
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Thanks @milancurcic and @awvwgk for your help. I added you as co-authors, summarized the items above and uploaded as https://j3-fortran.org/doc/year/22/22-141.txt. (And made the mistake again about how to format multiple authors, so only Milan’s last name shows at J3 Fortran - Documents for meeting 226, but that’s all right.)

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