Updates for Fortran-lang/LFortran for the J3 Fortran committee

Here is an example of the last report from July 18: https://j3-fortran.org/doc/year/22/22-166.txt

What are the updates since then?

I will then write it up and submit as a paper. It is due Monday.

Here it is for LFortran:

  • Dedicated fixed-form parser, able to parse all Fortran code in SciPy (~0.5M lines)
  • Work continues on the semantics, we are focusing on Minpack and Stdlib
  • LFortran can run in the browser using our new WebAssembly backend: https://dev.lfortran.org/
  • Initial implementation of F202Y generics

Thanks for putting it together. Here’s the Fortran-lang list of updates, IMO:

  • Google Summer of Code program finished, all (5) projects succeeded
  • Website (https://fortran-lang.org) revamped to improve maintainability and internationalization (GSoC project)
  • New Fortran Playground: https://play.fortran-lang.org (GSoC project)
  • The Fortran Package Manager supports cpp and fypp preprocessor (GSoC project)
  • Applied to be a NumFOCUS organization, response expected end of November

Please add anything that I missed.

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Anybody interested in writing up fortran-lang updates? I have to submit tomorrow (Monday) morning.

@milancurcic, @gnikit, @lkedward, @awvwgk, @everythingfunctional and others. :slight_smile:

Thanks @milancurcic ! You posted just while I was writing up my comment. Thank you, I really appreciate it. I will put it into a document and submit tomorrow.

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Here is the paper: https://j3-fortran.org/doc/year/22/22-196.txt