Tutorial for continuous integration of Fortran Apps using Cloud Build

Hey all,
I wanted to share with this community a livestream tutorial I’ll be doing tomorrow (1/7/2021 4PM MST) on Youtube. This tutorial will go over the basics of setting up automated build and run testing of Fortran applications using Google Cloud Build. In a follow up tutorial next week, I’ll build on this infrastructure to show how to automate tests with GPU accelerated Fortran applications. The livestream will have chat enabled for Q&A. The recording will be available on Youtube afterwards, in case you can’t catch it live.

I have the calendar for our tutorials posted online; I’m starting this year off with a few Fortran & HPC related topics


That does sound interesting, but the time you posted means that it is at 1 o’clock in the morning (1 AM) in my timezone (CET). So I will try to catch the recorded version.

We’ve got another livestream tomorrow at 4PM MST and on Friday at 9AM MST that will cover how we’re doing tests for GPU accelerated Fortran applications. We’ll be setting up unit tests for a Fortran application that runs on GPUs with AMD’s HIP (and hipfort).

This step is a bit more challenging but shows how we can connect Google Cloud Build with a Slurm job scheduler to handle run tests with GPU acceleration.