Textbook on Fortran

I came across the most unusual textbook on Fortran. “Comprehensive Guide - Mastering Fortran”. Published 2023. As an ex management consultant and having been around academia a good bit, I have seen many textbooks, but not many well enough written for the job they are supposed to do. This book I came across, is like someone found the Fortran notes written by a very brilliant person, and published them. The book doesn’t even show who the author is, and the publisher, the book shows on the cover: umic.com, doesn’t even exist any more. A bit of research turned up a Sarah Johnson as the author. My first impression is, that it is a must have! And very affordable too. You can get it at Bol Com. Amazon has it as well.




I doubt that prolific author Sarah Johnson has actually written a “comprehensive” guide to Fortran in 149 pages (according to Amazon), with a publisher, listed on the cover, that I have not heard of with a web site whose domain name is for sale. I suspect the book has been assembled using some algorithm based on information available online about Fortran and suggest starting instead with the resources at Learn — Fortran Programming Language or Tutorials in Fortran Wiki.


No ISBN so immediately suspect

That may well be the case. I could not find any trace of the author on the web either.

I have stated the name of the author in my text. I rather think that the quality of the contents should be the criterion for evaluation, The vigour and emotionality with which the book is being denounced - and the lack of objective argumentation, surprise me and make me wonder which interests are at stake, or is it simply jealousy?