Some Fortran-related sites and packages

Sometimes I come across nice sites about Fortran & packages, but not sure where to post the URLs, so anyway I post here :writing_hand:

Fortran on a Mac

Programming in Modern Fortran

Computational Physics book (Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos)

[2002.05631] eT 1.0: an open source electronic structure program with emphasis on coupled cluster and multilevel methods
(I remember their source code in Fortran was public some time ago (on Github or Gitlab), but I cannot find it atm…)


A good place to to post such sites is the Fortran Wiki, which anyone can edit. The “Programming in Modern Fortran” link you posted is already on the tutorials page.

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Thanks for the info about FortranWiki, which is also very useful (I consulted it many times). But if possible, I would like to use newer sites like this… (which is easy to post/edit and feel more accessible to me). I thought it may be better to directly post “issues” or something for Github pages like below, but was not sure which page I should use…


Contributions to the package index on the fortran-lang webpage are always welcome, the data for the page is at at master · fortran-lang/ · GitHub, feel free to add packages and send a patch.

I try to update the package index once in a while, since I’'m currently already on it, I just collected all the packages linked (see Add more electronic structure and atomistic simulation packages by awvwgk · Pull Request #205 · fortran-lang/ · GitHub).


Thanks much for the info! I will also add info when I come across interesting packages.