`setup-fortran` stops working for `[macOS, gcc-13]`?

setup-fortran stops working for [macOS, gcc-13] recently in my workflows, complaining that “Error: No such keg: /usr/local/Cellar/gcc@13”


Has anyone else encountered the same?

Yes, this happened on stdlib as well and the only fix at the moment seems to be downgrading to macos 12 as @FedericoPerini did here macos-latest -> macos-12 by perazz · Pull Request #807 · fortran-lang/stdlib · GitHub

Hi @hkvzjal , I don’t think the problem I encountered is the same. GitHub macos-13 runners are with Intel CPU’s, not Arm. It would be nice if the setup-fortran team @awvwgk could take a look. Thank you.