Problem addressing the Forum from smartphone

Attempting to address the forum from my smartphone:

I am getting:
“Welcome back”
Log into your account
Which I do: I enter username and password
(I enter the same data as on my pc: no problem there)
Press “login” - I do
Get told: incorrect username and password.
But they are both correct
I have had this before and re-registered

This is a real pain in the lower case.

Please tell me what to do, Patrick.

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That’s strange, just logged out and back in again from my phone and it seems okay on my end. Could it be that you have some adblocking or some plugin on your phone’s browser that somehow breaks the site authentication during login?

Haven’t the faintest idea. After tail byting for an hour I give up.

Perhaps you have green fingers.

It’s not something silly like your phone autocapitalising the first letter? Probably not, but worth checking… Can you try a different browser on your mobile? You never know!

I have had some problems with android phones automatically adding an extra space character at the end of user names/passwords. Maybe worth to check that out.