PhD within Simulation and Analysis of Drops in Turbulent Flow (Norway)

About the position

We have a vacancy for a PhD position at Department of Chemical Engineering.

The appointment has a duration of 3 years with the possibility of a further 1 year extension with 25% teaching duties in agreement with the department.

The understanding of droplet dynamics in turbulent flow is important for a variety of industrial processes. In this project we are interested in the detailed analyses of drop-turbulence interactions in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. We are particularly interested in understanding the drop-turbulence interactions in the cases where such interactions result in breakup of droplets. Direct numerical simulations (DNS) of turbulent flow of droplets will be done using a Fortran-based code where the so-called phase field method is used to describe the dispersed phase. The channel geometry will be adopted for the multiphase flow simulations.

The qualified candidate must have deep interest in high-performance computations of physical phenomena of multiphase turbulent flows. This requests that the candidate must hold good knowledge of turbulence theory. The work will include programming (modification and further developments of existing codes). Basic codes written in Fortran will be provided to the candidate. The candidate must expect to communicate the work to both the research group at NTNU and international collaborating groups.

For a position as a PhD Candidate, the goal is a completed doctoral education up to an obtained doctoral degree.

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