PDP-8 Emulator for iPad

The author of the emulator is Robert C. Martin, author of the book Clean Code.

The emulator comes along with the 4K FORTRAN compiler and the Fortran OS (I guess this was previously called the “object time system”).

Related resources:

An image of the PDP-8/L tabletop model in use (image taken from Banking Automation, 1971, Pergamon Press)


Here is a screenshot from the video on editing and compiling an assembly program:

The tape punch and reader are faithful. The emulator also includes sound effects and flashing of lights on the front panel.


Another interesting program for the PDP-8 was FOCAL (acronym for FOrmula CALculator), an interactive and interpreted programming language. Quoting from the Banking Automation book:

… FOCAL, a conversa­tional language developed by Digital to allow anyone, including computer novices, to write programs with simple English commands and queries.

Interestingly, LFortran attempts to fill a similar gap today, in allowing novices to transition from interactive work to compiled programs.

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Novices and experts. :wink:

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