Parallel Programming with Co-arrays (2018) costs $22 on Amazon

For some reason Amazon is currently discounting the hardcover version of this book by Robert Numrich, published by CRC Press. I ordered it. The preface says

This book describes basic parallel algorithms encountered in scientific and engineering applications. It implements them in modern Fortran using the co-array programming model and it analyzes their performance.


Great news, thanks for sharing. I’d gone through this book previously and I was thrilled by the Prologue itself which included the paragraph quoted below, for here was an author with tremendous expertise and experience putting into words what I had started to notice with the capabilities coming forth with Fortran 2008 but had neither the deep knowledge nor the ability to describe it so well:

The book encourages the use of Fortran as a modern object-oriented language. Parallel programming is an exercise in transcribing mathematical definitions for partition operators into small functions associated with Fortran objects. The exchange of one data distribution for another is the exchange of one set of functions with another set. This technique follows one of the fundamental principles of object-oriented design.”

I recommend the book highly. I actually wish every Fortranner specifically and every academic who teaches and practices scientific computing generally would study this book closely.


@Beliavsky Thank you for letting us know. I already own the ebook version and just ordered the hardcover. At this price it’s a steal.

The book is great. The writing style is a tad dry and academic, but not boring. It doesn’t teach the language and focuses on algorithms. A must have for a parallel Fortran programmer.