My Modern Fortran book is now published

Hi All,

My book is now published–almost exactly 3 years after I started it.

If you buy it from Manning (or have pre-ordered in the past), you can now get the final PDF. The final versions of ePub and MOBI formats are being prepared and will be ready soon–I don’t know exactly when. The book is being printed and we expect it in stock on October 19. Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Target, and few other re-sellers will have it in stock 2-3 weeks after that date.

Here’s the book website:

And here’s the Amazon link:

And here’s the code:

Thank you all who bought it, read it, reviewed it, or provided corrections to the text or code. You made it better and helped me push it through the finish line.

If you want to help me further, please consider writing an honest review.

I will soon write about my experience writing it and working with Manning.


@milancurcic congratulations! A lot has happened since 3 years ago. I am happy about the progress on all fronts. Let us know when Amazon opens so that we can write a review.

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Kudos, great effort and contribution to Fortran.


Nice work :). And a nice looking book at that!

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Thanks @Arjen! You’ve helped me a lot by providing detailed feedback on every chapter as they were coming out.